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ITZnames Releases New Company Website.

San Diego, California - February 10th 2009 - ITZnames Inc., a large premium Domain Name portfolio holder, has launched its new Website today.

In an effort to better inform the world of who they are and what they are about, ITZnames has launched a new version of its website. This website serves two goals: to better explain ITZnames' strategy and to help educate the world about the value of generic internet Domain Names. The new website provides an easy way for people to both submit offers to buy Domain Names from ITZnames and offer to sell their own Domain Names to ITZnames. "It is crucial that the public better understand that there are legitimate companies out there dealing in generic Domain Names. Hopefully our new website will help convey the message that we are here to add value to the internet, and the world by realizing the potential of these valuable Domain Names and bringing amazing new opportunities to the table", states President Joe Politzer.

About ITZnames Inc.

ITZnames Inc. is a large Domain Name portfolio holder with the vision to take compelling generic Domain Names with clear intrinsic value and attempt to realize that value by defining valuable destinations on the World Wide Web. In an effort to bring each of these Domain Names to their highest and best use, ITZnames develops these Domain Names into nearly every type of online destination, including but not limited to e-commerce sites, blogs, social networking sites, directories, engines, tools, and informational websites. These fully developed Websites and Domain Names are put into action on the World Wide Web and managed, grown and maintained by ITZnames, poised as a solid revenue stream and traffic source for their future and furthermore made available for purchase or investment.



ITZnames Inc.
Joe Politzer
Email: contact(at)itznames.com

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